Workshops – 2018

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Speaker: Tyler Mason
Title:  A Shifting from What Has Been to What Will Be; The Moving Landscape of the Social Norm 

Description – The fabric of our social norm or status quo has only been around for several generations and yet it seems to be entirely entrenched in the minds of the majority. There is, however, a rumbling at the heart of society that is causing a shifting of the landscape. We are trying to cope with the rapid advancement of technology and how it impacts daily life. The shift is caused by those who see the importance of slowing down and marveling at the view instead of being swept along with it. Within this group is a flocking to homeschooling, a method of education that has received a stigma after only three generations of public education. How has technology caused a proverbial stampede? What are the social norms? And how does homeschooling seem to impact these issues on the individual basis?

Adult Workshops:

Bill Berger
Title: Building Community in a Commuter Culture

Loneliness, Isolation, Insecurity, Fear – Conditions all too prevalent today.

Community… REAL community, is an extremely powerful tool in addressing these conditions and so much more.  Do you want to know how to build a Friendly, Joyful, and Supportive Community in this Commuter Culture?  Spend a little time with “The BergerMan”, he will gladly help you begin your journey.  You might even have some fun!

 Leslie Berger
Title: Homeschooling 101

New to homeschooling and want to learn different ways to do it? Been doing it awhile and need some inspiration?  Come learn about different homeschool philosophies such as Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unit Studies, Unschooling, Leadership Education, Eclectic, etc. Leslie Berger is a veteran homeschooler that has a lot to share!

Resa Brown
Title: A Bit of An Odd Duck? Nurture your child’s quirky behaviors and creative intelligences into their own unique brilliance   

Restless, unfocused, hyperactive, daydreams, doodles, taps at odd times, talks to himself, hums, fiddles, drums, stacks the table silverware, mixes the salt and pepper, only wants to play outside and is just not getting with the program? There are a million more idiosyncratic clues our children leave us to help them connect to their innate authenticity, creativity and passions.  Join us, as we show you how to read the signs and link those quirky behaviors to your child’s gifts, talents and personal brilliance.

Resa Brown
Title: Unleash Your Child’s Creativity and Passion: The Next Step in Homeschooling

So you’ve figured out your child’s academics and maybe some interests, but is that enough? Can you go deeper and unleash your child’s innate creativity, discover their gifts and ignite their passions?  We can show you how!   

Learn the step-by-step process for identifying and developing that creativity, engaging their active interests, finding and integrating their passions into their curriculum, and bring their brilliance out into the world.  Don’t miss this essential session!  Come join us!

Heidi Christianson
Title: Educating Teens with Confidence

It seems that everyone is afraid of teaching teens.  What if I told you that these are the BEST years of homeschooling?  Imagine having deep conversations that explore philosophy and current events with your youth.  They want to hear what you have to say; they ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas.  You learn so much yourself in these years and both grow in unexpected ways.  Doesn’t this vision win hands down as compared to the typical teen age behavior that we’ve come to expect?  Also come and learn the ins and outs of homeschooling high school with charter schools.  If you know the system and how it works, it isn’t as hard as you think!

Heidi Christianson
Title: The Genius Paradigm

Today’s predominant educational system is one in which there are certain topics that must be learned in order to be considered educated.  If you don’t do well in these topics you are seen, to say it nicely, as lacking something.  I’d like to challenge you to look at the world differently… specifically at the educational system today.  If instead of having the paradigm of “one-size-fits-all” for education, if we shifted our paradigm to “everyone is a genius”, how would this change the world?  How would this change YOUR world? Your child’s world? It is pretty amazing! Want to learn how to do it? Come find out!

Douglas Gibbs



 Dr. Angie
Title: Dyslexia, AD(H)D, Processing Disorders – Overcoming the Obstacles and Embracing the Gifts

What are the common characteristics shared by individuals with dyslexia, AD(H)D, and other processing disorders? How can they be so smart, yet struggle to read, learn and/or focus? This presentation will give you new insight, understanding and techniques to help your children find their potential and overcome their obstacles. It is time for a paradigm shift in understanding these amazing kids. It all starts here!

Dr. Angie
Title: AUTISM, Sensory Processing Disorders, Sensory Integrative Disorders and Social Integration – Facilitating Missing Developmental Milestones and Participating Fully in Life

Whether your child has a diagnosis of ASD, PDD, PDD-NOS, Sensory Processing Disorder, and/or Sensory Integrative Disorder or just struggles with social integration/social communication, this presentation will provide you with a new understanding. What if the foundational issue is that there are missing developmental milestones? What if there is a way to facilitate your child through these missing milestones? What if there is a way to help them participate more fully in life? Let’s start the conversation.

 Jen Holmstrom
Title: RoadSchooling: How It All Works

Fulltime travel and taking home education out on the road is a growing trend.  But how does it really work?  How do we make it happen financially?  What kind of curriculum do we use? What is it like living fulltime in a travel trailer?  I’ll answer all those frequently asked questions and provide insight into the enriching aspects of the roadschooling lifestyle.  And maybe even help you find out how YOU can do it!

Leah Hone
Title: Hero Homeschoolers

Learn how the hero’s journey applies to you as a homeschooler and how to move through this cycle as your work towards your mission.

Dr. Erik Lundquist
Title: Q&A. Proper nutrition for the healthy homeschool family?

 Heather Martinson
Title: Powerful Learning Without Textbooks and Worksheets

Learn how to:

  1. Use themes make learning exciting
  2. Create weekly topics to keep learning fresh
  3. Use real reading books, not textbooks
  4. Implement fireworks instead of homework
  5. Maximize field trips instead of more desktime
  6. Use journaling – not worksheets – for language arts learning
  7. Math math fun
  8. Expand on personal genius
  9. Celebrate accomplishments

Tyler Mason
Title: Are We Connecting or Are We Swarming? What’s the Difference?

In a fast-paced world of text messaging, e-mail, Facebook, and a million other technological means of conversing have we lost something special? What does it really mean to connect with someone? Do we even remember how to do it or what it feels like? We have a greater reach than ever before and yet our social impacts, on average, seem to be shrinking. Our swarming society has created an environment where the important individual is easily lost in the communal buzz.

Brooke McClure

Title: How to Understand People and Speak their Language

Ever wonder why you click with certain people and others you don’t? Do you relate well with one of your children while struggling to connect with another? Do you want to better understand and communicate with your spouse? Come to this class and begin the path toward healthier relationships and clearer communication in your homeschool.

Kathy Mellor
Title: Unleashing Your Pen

What if I told you that you can teach writing in an organic way just by knowing what to look for?  This is one topic that results in parents becoming highly frustrated or bringing children to tears.  It doesn’t have to be that way! Come learn how your child is becoming a writer when she learns how to talk and how your example and gentle persuasion is all that is needed to raise adults who are confident that they have something to say and have the skills to express themselves.  Perhaps your experience with learning how to write didn’t leave you with confidence in your own writing ability?  I’ve mentored many adults and youth who have been “shut down” or “silenced” by well-meaning instructors who emphasized mechanics of writing too heavily or left the student feeling that they didn’t have anything valuable to say. I know we can do better by our own children!

Kathy Mellor
Title: Uncommon Core

All the educational experts in the world, combined with all the industrial giants craving their quota of obedient workers, can’t seem to come up with the winning formula for a great education for the precious children in your home.  But such a formula is totally within your power to create—and sustain—without  burning out and becoming a crazy person!  It all comes down to effectively using your core books, creating a core family, and linking arms with a core community.  In this session we will explore how to instill in your children a sense of VISION for who they are and the unique MISSION they were sent here to accomplish.  In the process they will develop their God-given ABILITIES, be inspired to work on the SKILLS required to be successful in their lives, and do the hard work of gaining KNOWLEDGE applied by all those who reach their unique personal significance.  For those who attend this session, a webinar will be offered in June to provide coaching on the application of the principles learned.   Kathy is available at the LEMI booth for personal consultations on all things homeschooling and life coaching, please feel free to sign up for a 15 minute appointment.

Christina Phillips
Title: Navigating the Homeschool Jungle: Multiple kids = Multiple Blessings! And More!

Homeschooling more than one child is often viewed as a challenge- and it can be- but it is also a huge blessing and a benefit!  The trick is to make your homeschool work for you and not the other way around.  This session will give you tips on how to do that including curriculum choice, teaching methods, scheduling, managing time and your household without losing your mind, and more.  There will also be information on working with charter schools based on my years of experience as both a homeschool mom and a charter school teacher; and in particular from the perspective of having students in multiple grades.  

Laena West
Title: Field Trip Schooler

Philosophies, curriculum, schedules, and routines can all change while homeschooling. The one thing that has the ability to bring immediate, positive results to our homeschools remains a constant: Field Trips.

Field Trips have the ability to completely transform our homeschool day, week and years. They provide priceless hands-on learning opportunities and a sense of community that we can’t duplicate at home. Learn from this veteran homeschool mom, and creator of the newly released Field Trip Journals. Incorporate field trips into your homeschool, not just for your kids but for you! She’ll discuss loop scheduling, no-go days, car schooling, journaling tips and lots of field trip ideas!

Get Out & Explore – Avoid Distractibility – Engage and Interact – Make Connections & Reflections

Jill Wolf
Title: Create Amazing Learning Experiences

Amazing Learning Experiences are at your door. They require… 1) Understanding your child as a learner (which I can help you to discover) 2) Learning strategies (which I can help you to develop) and 3) Creativity (which I can help you to awaken from hibernation)

My CALE (Create Amazing Learning Experiences) cycle walks you through planning, executing, and reflecting on these Amazing Learning Experiences.  

In this session I take you through this cycle and use the experience in the room to plan a customized Amazing Learning Experience. We finish by discussing how to reflect on the execution and your child’s work to impact the planning of your next Amazing Learning Experience.  

Youth Workshops

Jill Wolf
Title: Life is not a FIRST DRAFT

When was the last time you revised anything more than twice? Unfortunately, most of our learning experiences have had us turning in only a first draft. In fact, sometimes we resent having to RE-WRITE anything. And when we reluctantly do so, its to only change grammar and spelling.  

But this is NOT real life. We get multiple opportunities to revise both who we are, who we want to be, and how we represent ourselves to the world. We get a chance to try different career paths, write and re-write business proposals, re-invent ourselves, and yes… even try dating different kinds of people.  

Revision is a powerful tool and those who are self-reflective enough to use it regularly have the best chance at finding that which makes them happy.  

Come learn about how to develop your REVISION muscles. 🙂  

 Kathy Mellor
Title: Homesteader vs. Squatter

Do you want to know what is going to make you more successful in your life than any other trait?  The ability to be a Homesteader in your studies, in your home, and in every aspect of your life.  To give you a contrasting view…behold the squatter!  This individual eats from the fridge (often complaining at the selection) without cooking for others, finds fault in the way things are done (yet never finds solutions to those problems), and does little other than take from the labors and resources of others.  If you want to be inspired to own your life, come to this session.  If you want to continue to complain, blame, or be a victim then you had best choose another session.

Tyler Mason
Title:   Masters Of Tomorrow – What You Do Today Matters

Each new day comes automatically and we can either be swept away by it or capture it. Our daily choices, like the rivers that shape the landscape, carve out who we will be later in life. Every day brings opportunities for learning and growth but they are often hidden in seemingly unrelated tasks. Like other great minds that have shaped our world, learn how to begin to see the growth opportunities for what they are.


Freedom in Motion
Title: Functional Play:  Parkour & Ninja training

Freedom in Motion coaches will open with a short verbal introduction about what Parkour is and what Freedom in motion has to offer. We will speak to parents and kids about the importance of functional play and fitness through the power of parkour.

Following the short introduction our coaching will lead an introductory lesson for kids and teens using equipment we will bring to this event.