The Universal Law of Change by Tyler Mason

TylerMasonPicAs we move closer to the Back to Basics Forum, we will be featuring articles and videos written by our speakers.  Tyler Mason will be presenting to our Youth as well as in our Relationships Track.  Click HERE to see descriptions of his workshops.

I spent my Thanksgiving with my family in southern Utah in a little town just outside of Zion National Park. If you have not been I would recommend a trip, it is breathtaking scenery and a great place to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. While I was riding the tram up to the dropoff point for the hike we were going on one day, I was half-listening to the recorded tour guide when something jumped out to me. We were just passing a section of the river where there had been a massive landslide years before. The audio guide mentioned the continual evolution of the canyon mostly due to continual erosion from rain and flooding. Here I am in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, surrounded by indescribable cliff faces that towered hunderds of feet above me and the environment is still growing. This got me thinking.

Is there ever a time when we as individuals will be ‘complete?’ When can we finally say that we have arrived? The answer to these questions is simply, never. Jerry, a friend of mine has a saying, “stay green and grow, or get ripe and rot.” This man has worked hard for decades on improving himself and now that he is to the time in his life when he could follow the norm and just coast, he continues to develop himself and those around him. He lives this philosophy.

Refining can often be a long, painful, and sometimes violent process, but it’s the only way that real growth happens. Change is happening every day, it’s happening to you right now in one area of your life or another. It could even be happening in multiple parts of your life simultaniously. Like it or not it is happening. There are two types of people when it comes to growth and change.

The first group are the ones who rail against it. They fight it and complain about it as if somehow that will make it go away; yet like gravity it is a universal force that cannot be ignored. I know some of you are thinking that gravity can be overcome but ask any astronaught, gravity is a constant everywhere. Even the shuttles and satellites orbiting the earth are held there by gravity. This group of people still go through change but benifit less from it because of their attitude.

The second group are the ones who embrace it, notice I did not say like it. If change is inevitable then why not take advantage of it? Why not let the refining process of change make you more of what you already are? The beautiful canyons of Zion National Park are and will always be canyons, no amount of water can change that. But they can become more beautiful versions of themselves through change. The walls will get higher, the rivers wider, the trails more expansive, but it will remain a canyon that people will come from all over the world to experience.

As I remind my children all the time, you can choose the way you respond to a situation. Those choices will determine your outlook on life. Change will happen, learn to accept it and then you can begin to learn to love it.

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