We are excited to have these amazing speakers this year!  Whether you are new to homeschooling or a veteran you will find inspiration and direction from these wonderful people that are coming to share their gifts with us at the Transformational Education Conference on February 24th, 2018.


William Berger (aka: The BergerMan) feels that being named after a major food group is an important harbinger of success. He recognizes the existence of an inconvenient spelling irregularity, but is confident that the fault lies with the fast-food industry and not with his lineage.

The BergerMan has done a great many things for a great many people, and as a result, has accumulated a startling array of largely unrelated experiences. As naturally follows, he has become a veritable fountain of seemingly useless knowledge.

It is still to be determined if there is a better foundation for a career in Public Speaking or IT training.

The BergerMan accidentally discovered that he was the “Top-ranked Microsoft Exchange Instructor in North America” and “among the Top 3 in the World” when he was asked to do a series of “Technology Road Shows” across the country on Microsoft’s behalf. The literature published for these events refers to him as a “Regional Exchange Expert” for whatever that is worth.

He still thinks it has something to do with the whole food-group-name thing.

His passions include his wife, his three girls, and perfecting the art of living. He and his family have been homeschooling for 16 years.

Wake Up Everyone! Life is Truly Amazing!


Leslie Berger has been homeschooling her 3 daughters since 1999. She chairs her local Commonwealth (homeschool group / Liber Community) and has been a long standing member. A homeschool teacher for Inspire charter schools, she inspires community through hosting movie nights on her garage door.


Gifted, inspirational speaker and teacher, Resa Steindel Brown passionately sounds the wake-up call to help our children connect to their innate passions and brilliance. Then she tells us how.

Resa’s mission has spanned forty years as teacher, director/principal, superintendent, homeschooling mom and Montessori enthusiast. She has been involved in public and alternative education since 1970, and created award winning schools in both private and public sectors.

Resa is an award-winning writer, receiving national recognition for her Amazon best-seller in parenting and education, ‘The Call to Brilliance,” Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year nomination and Mom’s Choice Award winner

Qualifications: Resa is credentialed by the State of California through the University of California at Los Angeles. She maintains Elementary, Secondary and Community College through University level teaching credentials in multiple subject areas. She has attained the special designation by the State of California of “Highly Qualified in English Language Arts, Math, General Science, Social Studies and the Visual/Performing Arts.” She has been teaching, creating and directing schools for forty years from kindergarten through the university level. She has a specialized credential in reading and has both taught and directed special education and mathematics remediation programs. In addition to her educational accreditations, Resa received a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and Master of Fine Arts from UCLA in Art and Theater Arts with full minors in English and Psychology.


Heidi Christianson has been homeschooling her 5 boys for 15 years and has been involved in Leadership Education for over 10 years.  Her love of the Leadership Education paradigm has led her on a journey that has included helping found her local commonwealth school (a homeschool community), writing her own curriculum, public speaking, and putting on several conferences.  She currently is the principle mentor for her commonwealth, a student advisor with a charter school, and a Leadership Education Mentoring Institute trainer.


Freedom in Motion Gym is the valleys only Parkour training facility. FiM’s coaches teach students how to climb, jump, run, and swing their way through their indoor obstacle course. Freedom in Motion’s mission is to bring a greater sense of creativity and play to our community while creating stronger more agile athletes in the process.  



Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host, Publisher, Director of the Center for the Study of the U.S. Constitution, President of the Constitution Association, Author, and an Instructor on the United States Constitution.  Douglas V. Gibbs has been a guest on Fox News multiple times along with other television and radio outlets, and is a free lance newspaper and online columnist.  Doug is a member of numerous political and authors associations, received the Golden Anchor Award for his patriotic commentary in 2008, and received a California State Senate Certificate of Recognition in 2014. Doug is a family man, married 31 years to his high school sweetheart, the father of two and has seven grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy veteran.

Douglas V. Gibbs is America’s Authority on the United States Constitution, and he speaks at a wide range of events to spread his message.  In addition to radio and television, Doug has delivered presentations regarding the Constitution nationwide, with a recent speech delivered in Anaheim, California for the California Federation of Republican Women’s luncheon/meeting in front of nearly 200 members.  Doug’s speeches range from Constitution 101, to specific topics, including but not limited to, The Federal Reserve, State Sovereignty, Abortion, Legislative Powers, The Presidency, An Activist Court System, Understanding the Language of the Constitution, and A Well Regulated Militia.


Angela L. Gonzales, MD (Dr. Angie) is a Pediatrician, Licensed Davis® Facilitator, Licensed Davis® Autism Approach Facilitator/Coach, parenting specialist, transformational speaker, and mother of three.

Currently, Dr. Angie owns and runs Dr. Angie’s Place in Norco, CA.  Dr. Angie’s Place is a Learning and Wellness Facility where Dr. Angie uses her Davis® Facilitator License, medical expertise and life experience.

Through Dr. Angie’s Place, she empowers clients, educators and parents with skills and techniques that help overcome the obstacles of learning and social interaction that can accompany the unique thinking styles of those with Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder to mention a few.

Dr. Angie’s Place programs utilize multiple, non-pharmaceutical, techniques that are tactile, fun, and unique to each client.  The programs also include help with focusing, comprehension, math skills, reading and handwriting skills, social intelligence and foundational life concepts.

As a motivational and instructional speaker and educator, Dr. Angie has dedicated herself to helping others, of all ages, to find joy and peace in their lives…especially parents.  Through Dr. Angie’s Place she offers multiple educational courses and workshops that aid individuals on their path to total wellness of mind, body and soul.


With a degree in criminal justice, a background in musical theater, and experience in film-making, Jen’s interests cover a wide variety of topics.  She devoted herself to pursuing home education when she was pregnant with her first child.  Jen is now the director of Home Education Council of America, providing support and resources to homeschooling parents.  Jen and her husband have three young children and they live full-time in an Airstream travel trailer, making their dream a reality to roadschool and create cherished family memories.  They have been across the country several times and document their experiences on Instagram @inspiredfamilyof5.






Leah is a mother of 5 children and has been homeschooling for 10 years. She is the owner of Foundations Academy which currently offers Lego classes that focus on history and Latin classes. Leah served on the executive board of Millennial Heritage Academy for two years and currently serves as parent representative on the executive board of G.E.N.I.U.S. Commonwealth School.


Dr. Lundquist has a special interest in Integrative, Functional and Holistic Family Medicine. He is currently the founder and medical director for the Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine. He is a member of the Academy of Integrative and Health Medicine (AIHM), The American College of Nutrition, The American Association of Family Medicine as well as the Institute of Functional Medicine. He specializes in endocrine disorders such as thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, cardiometabolic disorders and sex hormone imbalances as well as treatments for chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, and chronic pain. Recently he has become an expert in Regenerative Therapies helping restore function and relieve pain for multiple medical conditions.

He has a passion for getting to the root cause of disease and disorders and has a passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge and experience. He is a highly sought after speaker on various aspects of Integrative and Functional Medicine, having spoke for Scripps, American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and as a faculty member for the AIHM Integrative Medicine Fellowship.

He attended Occidental College in LA where he graduated with a B.A. in Kinesiology and Biology. He received his medical degree from St. Louis University School of Medicine and completed his family medicine residency at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton where he served as chief resident.  Dr. Lundquist spent 8 years on active duty with the Navy serving in Iraq as a battalion surgeon with the Marine Corps as well as serving for 3 years at a Naval Hospital in Naples, Italy.

Dr. Lundquist is Board Certified in Family Medicine with ABFM and he is sub-specialized with the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABoIM).   He also has received a certification from the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

He is married with three children and loves inspiring his patients to take control of their health and combat “dis-ease”. He enjoys lecturing to his peers about integrative and functional medicine approaches to chronic diseases.


Heather Martinson was introduced to homeschooling in the ’80’s when her mother started homeschooling her younger siblings. Heather has homeshooled all four of her children, now ages 16-28. In 2006 Heather started Celebration Education, where children learn through adventures. Heather continuously works to help families recognize the many ways children can learn.


Tyler Mason takes great pleasure in connecting with people on a personal level and helping them explore their inner genius. His start came as a professional tennis coach where he found that working with young adults he could help them apply concepts from the court to their own lives. He has lead and managed various sales organizations over the last 5 years and has taken great pride in seeing those whom he works with find their hidden talents. He coined the term “misfit” in reference to those who feel out of place with the status quo and sense within themselves a deeper capacity for greatness; he founded this concept upon his own personal experiences and realized that others around him felt the same way. He is the author of HotRodTortoise.com, a site which explores principles of steady progress for rapid success. It is his belief that everyone was born into this world with the power to change it in some way. He is married to his beautiful wife Tiffany and they have 4 children, Aspen, Danny, Colt, and Savannah. They live in Temecula, CA.



As the mother of six and the mentor to hundreds of youth, Kathy has been homeschooling since before it was cool. Like you, she has felt the tremendous highs and lows as her children have self-educated and searched for their passions. For the decade she has had the opportunity of training parents to be mentors with the Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI), which specializes in the unique (and sometimes terrifying) teen years. In addition to being a trainer for LEMI, she also travels all over the country doing Unleashing Your Voice! public speaking and debate seminars. She provides one-on-one mentoring online for homeschooling success, finding mission, entrepreneurship, writing, public speaking, and life coaching. 


I have been homeschooling since 2001 when we started with our first foster child. We loved it so much we decided to make it a lifestyle for all of our children.  16 years later, and several kids later (foster, adoptive, and biological) and we would not live any other way.  In 2005 I had the opportunity to start working with homeschool parents in the charter school movement, and I have been a homeschool teacher ever since.  I love the opportunity to help other families come to love homeschooling as much as I do.  Our homeschool’s mission is to learn to love what is lovely, to learn to live virtuously, and to always to keep joy at the center of it all.






Laena West lives in sunny San Diego with her husband, 3 of their 4 kids, and their rowdy dog Jedi. As a second generation homeschooler, Laena offers insight and experience from both the student and teacher perspective to the homeschool community. The West’s two daughters were homeschooled through graduation and are now grown, one married and one in college. With two elementary aged sons, Laena is still very much in the trenches of homeschooling. Her unique experiences have allowed her to become familiar with a wide array of learning styles, challenges, and special needs. This experience has given her a passion for creating homeschooling materials that address those needs, are fun for kids to use, and make moms excited about teaching. In her pre-parenting life she was a photographer and corporate trainer and she brings that contagious energy and enthusiasm when she speaks. Most days, she and her adventurous boys can be found exploring San Diego, one field trip at a time.


Jill’s vision for individualizing learning for our children drove her to leave a secure tenured position to pursue the training of homeschooling parents and the development of MDLGs (massive digital learning games). Her passion is contagious and her resolve unwavering. Jill Brownlee Wolf brings expertise in the Learning Experience. This expertise is grounded in knowledge and skills in leadership, learning, assessment, data collection and analysis, instructional training, literacy, STEM content knowledge, use of technology, instructional materials analysis, game design, and entertainment media.
Jill has spent 23 years ~ Designing and analyzing learning and assessment experiences for all ages ~ Teaching physics, chemistry, earth science, math, writing, and music at all levels ~ Coaching and evaluating STEM, social studies, and literacy teachers and administrators across the country ~ Speaking at conferences on instructional strategies, power of play on learning, overcoming the obstacles of implementation, and customization of the learning experience.
For more details about her expertise https://a-game.mykajabi.com/p/jill-s-expertise