Real World Application by Bill Cunningham

BillCunninghamPicAs we move closer to the Back to Basics Forum, we will be featuring articles and videos written by our speakers.  Bill Cunningham will be presenting to our Youth.  Click HERE to see descriptions of his workshop.

Bill Cunningham is the founder of The BERT Foundation (Business and Family Emergency Recovery Training).  It is exciting to know our Youth will be learning more about this important issue!

BERT’s real world application and success story can be demonstrated by the experience of one of our BERT Directors, Mr. D. Scott Walker, Sr. Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, for Abbott Medical Optics’ (AMO) Santa Ana, CA facility.

BERT_Logo2015-300x300When the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami hit Japan in March, 2011, Mr. Walker utilized his EOM training in coordinating operations between his local, Orange County facility and Abbott’s operations in Japan. Through the training he received, Mr. Walker learned to manage multi-level emergency planning strategies which helped mitigate the impact on his company. Mr. Walker effectively took worldwide critical actions to safeguard AMO’s employees and the general public from exposure to nuclear contamination. According to estimates from the World Bank, this catastrophe in Japan was the costliest in world  history, estimated at $235 billion. Because of his Advanced BERT-EOM training, Mr. Walker was better prepared to avoid more dire impacts on his company’s survival and recovery operations.


To find more about The BERT Foundation, head on over to their website:

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