Our KEYNOTE Speaker! Tyler Mason

Tyler Mason, a homeschool dad of 4, has a heart for the homeschool youth.  His “Masters of Tomorrow” organization puts together field trips, park days, and other activities for homeschool youth ages 10 and up.  Community is so important for kids at this age.  His mission is to help them build their own community through SLIC (Social Leadership Interactive Community), a reinvented park day, where the kids can socialize while learning leadership skills.  You can find out more about SLIC, field trips, and other activities and sign your kids up at Socal Homeschool Adventures.

We are proud and excited to have him give our keynote address at the 2018 Back to Basics Forum!  Here is a description of what he is going to share with us:

“The fabric of our social norm or status quo has only been around for several generations and yet it seems to be entirely entrenched in the minds of the majority. There is, however, a rumbling at the heart of society that is causing a shifting of the landscape. We are trying to cope with the rapid advancement of technology and how it impacts daily life. The shift is caused by those who see the importance of slowing down and marveling at the view instead of being swept along with it. Within this group is a flocking to homeschooling, a method of education that has received a stigma after only three generations of public education. How has technology caused a proverbial stampede? What are the social norms? And how does homeschooling seem to impact these issues on the individual basis?”

REGISTER TODAY!  Are you with a charter? You may be able to use funds to attend.  If so, REGISTER HERE.

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