Meet Our Speakers – Tyler Mason

TylerMasonPicTyler Mason takes great pleasure in connecting with people on a personal level and helping them explore their inner genius. His start came as a professional tennis coach where he found that working with young adults he could help them apply concepts from the court to their own lives. He has lead and managed various sales organizations over the last 5 years and has taken great pride in seeing those whom he works with find their hidden talents. He coined the term “misfit” in reference to those who feel out of place with the status quo and sense within themselves a deeper capacity for greatness; he founded this concept upon his own personal experiences and realized that others around him felt the same way. He is the author of, a site which explores principles of steady progress for rapid success. It is his belief that everyone was born into this world with the power to change it in some way. He is married to his beautiful wife Tiffany and they have 4 children, Aspen, Danny, Colt, and Savannah. They live in Temecula, CA.

We are excited to have Tyler share his workshops “Helping Your Child Find and Explore Their Inner Potential” and “Hot Rod Tortoise” (Youth) with us at the Back to Basics Forum on February 27th, 2016!


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