Meet our Speakers – Claudia Orgill!

Claudia Orgill PicClaudia Orgill spent over 7 years suffering with a chronic illness that nearly took her life. This complicated illness, Chronic Lyme Disease, provided her the opportunity to be, what she calls, an “ideal guniea pig” for testing out and experimenting with hundreds of alternative remedies, seeking out the most effective remedies that would help eradicate the pathogens that had spread throughout her body, re-build her immune system, and heal the “path of destruction” the Lyme had left behind.

During this journey she was given the choice, by God, to either be healed or to continue suffering so she could continue learning information she would share with others one day. She chose to continue learning.

At the end of her journey with Lyme disease she became interested in the health threats that occur during a disaster and spent 6 months researching that topic. She quickly came to realize that these two topics (effective alternative remedies and the infectious diseases that occur during a disaster) need to be combined. Near the end of her research she was called to be on the preparedness committee in her church organization and was told that she could do whatever she felt like she needed to do with the calling. She knew exactly where to start.

Claudia is now the founder of Healthy Preparedness and the author of Beyond Wheat and Weeds: a 450 page guidebook to storing and using alternative remedies for the infectious diseases that occur during a disaster. She teaches free classes and in-depth seminars throughout the U.S. The topics she teaches about include:

1. Storing and Using Alternative Remedies for the Infectious Diseases that Occur During a Disaster
2. 7 Steps to Preparing Our Bodies NOW for What’s to Come
3. Turning Our Food Storage Into a Nutritional Powerhouse

Information for upcoming classes and seminars, blog posts, and videos can be found at her blog: Information for her book, Beyond Wheat and Weeds, can be found at:

We are excited to have Claudia share her workshops “Protecting Your Family’s Health During a Disaster” and “Food Storage – Survive or THRIVE During a Disaster” with us at the Back to Basics Forum on February 27th, 2016!


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