Meet Our Speakers – Bonnie Rice!

BonnieRicePicFinalSince her youth, Bonnie Rice has had a passion for coaching. Out of her necessity, she has developed a passion for food. Uniting the two in a new adventure in catering and personal food coaching has awakened her to the freedom that comes from maintaining a budget. Budgeting a household for the past 16 years has taught her how to live on less, thrive on more, and find the peace that comes from surety in tomorrow.

Over the past 15 years Bonnie has shared her method for buying and preparing food in workshops in Arizona and Southern California. By applying Bonnie’s principles, class participants have saved up to 20% on their monthly food budget. She also shares tips on how to save money on cell phones, insurance, clothing, and many other household expenses. She truly thinks the cost/benefit analysis is a beautiful thing.
Bonnie has been married to Justin, for sixteen years. They are raising their four children in Hemet, CA.

We are excited to have Bonnie share her workshops “Getting a Grip on Your Personal Finances”  with us at the Back to Basics Forum on February 27th, 2016! You can find out more from Bonnie at her website:


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