Meet Our Speakers – Aneladee Milne!

AneladeePicAneladee Milne, The Parent Mentor, stands at the forefront of the campaign to preserve the family. She has spent the past four years evangelizing addiction prevention through her Eternal Warriors program that she developed with Sons of Helaman Director Maurice Harker, CMHC.

An innovative leader in education, she has championed Leadership Education using the classical model through her original project based curriculum with business partner Tiffany Earl at their mentor training company LEMI – Leadership Education Mentoring Institute since 2001. Their unique, organic approach to education has influenced over 1000 parents and teachers to change their teaching style to embrace a mentoring model, fueling a small revolution in education standards.
Espousing the 3 core principles that contribute to raising healthy, happy children, core book, core family and core community, Aneladee consistently delivers the message to parents that their mentoring makes all the difference. Aneladee holds a bachelor’s degree in Statesmanship and is a current Liberal Arts graduate student. She is the author of The New Commonwealth School and co-author, with her husband Don, of The Lost Davincis. She and her husband are the parents of six children, several foster children and eight grandchildren.

We are excited to have Aneladee share her workshops “Freedom” and “The Key to Long-lasting Happy Parenting” with us at the Back to Basics Forum on February 27th, 2016!


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