Meet our Speaker – Bill Berger!

Bill Berger – aka the BergerMan – is a veteran homeschool dad.  He also truly understands the importance of community.  His recent fight and victory over cancer has given him insights into this topic that he is going to share.  I wonder if he will deliver it using a Scottish accent wearing a kilt?  You never know with the BergerMan!

The title of his workshop is: Building Community in a Commuter Culture. 

Here is his description:

Loneliness, Isolation, Insecurity, Fear – Conditions all too prevalent today.

Community… REAL community, is an extremely powerful tool in addressing these conditions and so
much more. Do you want to know how to build a Friendly, Joyful, and Supportive Community in this
Commuter Culture? Spend a little time with “The BergerMan”, he will gladly help you begin your
journey. You might even have some fun!

You can find more about Bill on his website: www.MPAct.Zone

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