Meet one of our Vendors – Windy Simkins

We are really excited to have some amazing vendors for everyone to meet at The Back to Basics Forum!  Here is some information about one of them…
My name is Windy Simkins and in 2010 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. After four years of antibiotics, my doctor recommended I take a look at essential oils and I experienced wellness like never before and have not once looked back!

Each person will have their own unique experiences as they use essential oils, but lives are being positively transformed every single day! Not only do I love sharing and empowering moms and dads within their own homes, I also love our company’s Healing Hands Foundation and well as our co-impact sourcing that improves lives and communities throughout the world!
Although essential oils are our primary focus, we also offer skin care, hair care, spa products, wellness supplements, cleaning supplies as well as weight management solutions. There is something for everyone! I invite you to learn more, sample the purity of our essential oils, and take charge of your family’s health today!
Please visit my website to learn more!

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