Meet one of our Vendors – Tamar Molloy with Thrive Life

We are really excited to have some amazing vendors for everyone to meet at The Back to Basics Forum!  Here is some information about one of them…
Hello my name is Tamar Molloy.  I am a wife, mother of three young children, and professional network marketer partnered with Thrive Life.  I enjoy being able to spend quality time with my children, reading, trying craft ideas we find on pinterest, and sharing information I have learned..  Our family has enjoyed some of Thrive’s products for two years.  We were introduced to the yogurt bites and dried veggies by my sister.  Her family eats them as treats and snack foods.  Our family started to do the same thing.  Our favorite is the pomegranate yogurt bites.  Recently as part of a class I learned about being self reliant.  This included information about food storage.  I looked into several options for building our family’s food storage supply.  I choose Thrive Life for three main reasons.  1) We enjoy their foods.  2) Thrive’s Q program makes it easy to build your personalize food supply a little each month.  3) It is a network marketing business.  I know we will get to the point when sharing about the company will earn enough to cover our orders.

Why use Thrive in your daily meals?  Your food should work with your lifestyle, not the other way around.  Our food is naturally ripened to the peak of freshness.  Flash frozen or freeze dried quickly to lock in taste and nutrients.  Most foods have no preservatives or additives.  The foods are already chopped, washed, cooked, etc.  Thrive foods are quick and easy to add to your family’s favorite recipes.  Best yet, your groceries come right to your door each month.  This option can cut out costly grocery runs and fast food trips.  Eliminates money being wasted on food that spoil before you use them.  It requires no extra money – just relocate some of your current food budget.  Interested in learning more?  Please visit my website:


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