Meet one of our Vendors – RENATUS!

We are really excited to have some amazing vendors for everyone to meet at The Back to Basics Forum!  Here is some information about one of them…

RenatusThe mission of Renatus is to empower one million entrepreneurs to become financially free. Renatus creates Real Estate Investors by teaching people how to become Business Owners and Real Estate Investors like the majority of the wealthiest 1% in our country. Our Education is of the highest quality and delivers the information using Instructional System Design like colleges and universities use. Let’s face it, the guru/seminar/bootcamp model of Real Estate Investment Education that is being peddled by celebrities does NOT work for over 80% of the people who go through their programs. Learning a new behavior that involves taking risks can be done, but in a weekend or at a 5 day bootcamp? Our community, both local and national, is what really makes us stand out. We are in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves. Our community promotes personal growth, because people need to increase their wisdom before they can increase their wealth. Come attend our free events to gather information, and evaluate our community for yourself. Visit our website at


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