Meet Leah Hone!

Leah Hone, the owner of Foundations Academy, is an amazing woman.  She homeschools her four kids, runs Lego history classes and Latin Classes through her business, is the Parent Representative and a mentor for her Liber Community (homeschool group), all while taking college classes herself!  She knows the homeschooler’s journey, and she would like to encourage you on it.  She is one of our speakers for the Back to Basics: Transformational Education Conference and she will be speaking about the Hero’s Journey and applying it to homeschooling and your life.  If you are new to homeschooling she can encourage you.  If you are a veteran, possibly suffering from burnout, she will inspire you!  Come hear her presentation on February 24th! You can sign up your kids for her classes at

REGISTER TODAY!  Are you with a charter? You may be able to use funds to attend.  If so, REGISTER HERE.

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