Let’s Do it Again!

Did you know that the organizers of The Back to Basics Forum are all homeschoolers?  Veteran homeschoolers.  That is one reason why education is so important to us.  But we also know how challenging it can be.  Burnout is real.  And it usually happens right around February.

We are here to help.  We are putting together a great list of speakers to help you transform education in your home.  They will inspire you. They will help you find answers and give you resources.

Back to Basics Forum focuses on education, relationships, freedom, and mind & body. This time we are going to cover the same information but fine tune it to help homeschoolers.  Would you like to learn about different educational philosophies?  How about relating better to your teens? Or how about your relationship with your charter school?  Homeschooling is all about freedom.  Are you taking advantage of it?  Do you have students with dyslexia or ADHD or other learning challenges?  We can help!

We are going to be sharing more on all our speakers and vendors soon! Stay tuned!

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