Leslie Berger – Homeschool Pro!

Leslie Berger is a homeschool veteran.  She has graduated her oldest, who is successfully navigating college life, and has two more still at home.  She is also currently the chairman for her homeschool group and a teacher for a charter school.

If you are new to homeschooling check out her Homeschooling 101 workshop on February 24th at our Transformational Education Conference.  She will be covering how to legally homeschool in California as well as different homeschooling philosophies.  There is so much information out there today that it can be overwhelming!  She can pull it all together and help you understand which one will work best for you.

If you are veteran, Leslie can help you too!  If you are stuck in a rut, she can give you ideas on different things to try.  She has tons of resources that she is going to share.  We hope you can join her on February 24th at the Transformational Education Conference!

REGISTER TODAY!  Are you with a charter? You may be able to use funds to attend.  If so, REGISTER HERE.

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