Laena West – Field-trip Explorer

She knows how to have fun while learning and exploring!  Laena West can tell you all how to transform your homeschooling and create memories for your family.  As a 2nd generation homeschooler, she has some additional insights into this crazy journey we are all on!  And she has created a wonderful tool to help you get the most out of your adventures – Field Trip Journals.  Check out her website HERE.  

Here is her description of her workshop:

Field Trip Schooler

Philosophies, curriculum, schedules, and routines can all change while homeschooling. The one thing that has the ability to bring immediate, positive results to our homeschools remains a constant: Field Trips.

Field Trips have the ability to completely transform our homeschool day, week and years. They provide priceless hands-on learning opportunities and a sense of community that we can’t duplicate at home. Learn from this veteran homeschool mom, and creator of the newly released Field Trip Journals. Incorporate field trips into your homeschool, not just for your kids but for you! She’ll discuss loop scheduling, no-go days, car schooling, journaling tips and lots of field trip ideas!

Get Out & Explore – Avoid Distractibility – Engage and Interact – Make Connections & Reflections

REGISTER TODAY!  Are you with a charter? You may be able to use funds to attend.  If so, REGISTER HERE.

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