Kathy Mellor – Master Mentor

Kathy Mellor has a habit of creating new words relating to mentoring.  One of her words is “mentorheart”.  She helped write a song with a talented friend who put it to music and produced it.  Check out this inspirational song…

Kathy is a trainer for Leadership Education Mentoring Institute and has her own business, Unleashing Your Voice.  We are so excited to have her speak at the conference two times for the adults and one time for the youth.  Here are her descriptions of the presentations she is going to share with us:

Unleashing Your Pen

What if I told you that you can teach writing in an organic way just by knowing what to look for?  This is one topic that results in parents becoming highly frustrated or bringing children to tears.  It doesn’t have to be that way! Come learn how your child is becoming a writer when she learns how to talk and how your example and gentle persuasion is all that is needed to raise adults who are confident that they have something to say and have the skills to express themselves.  Perhaps your experience with learning how to write didn’t leave you with confidence in your own writing ability?  I’ve mentored many adults and youth who have been “shut down” or “silenced” by well-meaning instructors who emphasized mechanics of writing too heavily or left the student feeling that they didn’t have anything valuable to say. I know we can do better by our own children!

Uncommon Core

All the educational experts in the world, combined with all the industrial giants craving their quota of obedient workers, can’t seem to come up with the winning formula for a great education for the precious children in your home.  But such a formula is totally within your power to create—and sustain—without  burning out and becoming a crazy person!  It all comes down to effectively using your core books, creating a core family, and linking arms with a core community.  In this session we will explore how to instill in your children a sense of VISION for who they are and the unique MISSION they were sent here to accomplish.  In the process they will develop their God-given ABILITIES, be inspired to work on the SKILLS required to be successful in their lives, and do the hard work of gaining KNOWLEDGE applied by all those who reach their unique personal significance.  For those who attend this session, a webinar will be offered in June to provide coaching on the application of the principles learned.   Kathy is available at the LEMI booth for personal consultations on all things homeschooling and life coaching, please feel free to sign up for a 15 minute appointment.

For the youth:

Homesteader vs. Squatter

Do you want to know what is going to make you more successful in your life than any other trait?  The ability to be a Homesteader in your studies, in your home, and in every aspect of your life.  To give you a contrasting view…behold the squatter!  This individual eats from the fridge (often complaining at the selection) without cooking for others, finds fault in the way things are done (yet never finds solutions to those problems), and does little other than take from the labors and resources of others.  If you want to be inspired to own your life, come to this session.  If you want to continue to complain, blame, or be a victim then you had best choose another session.

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