Dr. Lundquist – We are taking Questions!

Dr. Lundquist of the Temecula Center of Integrative Medicine has spoken at all of the Back to Basics Forums.  We are so grateful he is willing to return and answer your questions in a Q & A session.  The mission of his organization is to provide “patients with a deep healing experience on all levels, mind body and spirit.”  So, what questions would you like to have Dr. Lundquist address?  Just put them in the comments and we will have him answer them on February 24th in his workshop!

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1 thought on “Dr. Lundquist – We are taking Questions!

  1. 1.) For people switching to a more organic lifestyle is there a detox or rebooting diet that you recommend to kick start things in the right direction?

    2.) What is the underlying cause of inflammation in your body and what is the protocol to heal it?

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