Douglas Gibbs – The Constitution Man!

The passion Douglas Gibbs has for United States history is evident in his life’s work.  He teaches classes on the Constitution, has written four books, is an award-winning blogger on his site Political Pistachio, is president of the Constitution Association, and so much more!  You can check out his many other accomplishments on his website HERE.  As homeschoolers, it is vitally important for us to know our history, first, in order to share it with our children and, second, in order to protect our freedoms.  Doug is an amazing speaker who is passionate about his topic.  His workshop is not to be missed!

Title: Four Keys to Understanding the U.S. Constitution

Understanding the United States Constitution is our civic duty.  Within it are the principles that our laws are based on.  Our freedom and our future rest on our children understanding the Constitution and upholding it.  Douglas Gibbs will be sharing his wealth of knowledge in this workshop and covering four keys to understanding the Constitution: natural rights, state sovereignty, separation of powers, and republicanism.


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