Christina Phillips – Veteran Mom, Homeschooler, Teacher

Christina Phillips has been homeschooling her kids (foster, adoptive, and biological) for 17 years!  And she has been a teacher for homeschool charter schools for 12+.  We are so grateful to have her share her experience and wisdom this year at the Back to Basics: Transformational Education Conference!  Here is the description of her workshop:

Title: Navigating the Homeschool Jungle: Multiple kids = Multiple Blessings! And More!

Homeschooling more than one child is often viewed as a challenge- and it can be- but it is also a huge blessing and a benefit!  The trick is to make your homeschool work for you and not the other way around.  This session will give you tips on how to do that including curriculum choice, teaching methods, scheduling, managing time and your household without losing your mind, and more.  There will also be information on working with charter schools based on my years of experience as both a homeschool mom and a charter school teacher, and in particular from the perspective of having students in multiple grades.  

REGISTER TODAY!  Are you with a charter? You may be able to use funds to attend.  If so, REGISTER HERE.

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