Celebrate Education with Heather Martinson!

Heather Martinson established Celebration Education in 2006 and has been sharing how to make education an adventure ever since!  Check out her “About” page and learn about the different myths about education.  You will find Minecraft classes and Theme Park Programs that look amazing, plus so much more!  She definitely is all about making learning an adventure and she has 12 years of experience doing it!  If you want to learn how to incorporate some of this type of adventure into your homeschool, be sure to attend her workshop.  Here is how she describes it:

Title: Powerful Learning Without Textbooks and Worksheets

Learn how to:

  1. Use themes make learning exciting
  2. Create weekly topics to keep learning fresh
  3. Use real reading books, not textbooks
  4. Implement fireworks instead of homework
  5. Maximize field trips instead of more desk time
  6. Use journaling – not worksheets – for language arts learning
  7. Math math fun
  8. Expand on personal genius
  9. Celebrate accomplishments


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