Heidi Christianson – One of this Year’s Organizers

Heidi get’s ideas and follows through with them.  Years ago when she was sitting at dinner with friends talking about how to meet the needs of the homeschool community, she got an idea and the 2013 Transformational Education Conference first came in to being.  She did it on her own, finding speakers and location,  and realized that she needed to team up with others to get her message across. A couple years later she was asked by Brooke McClure to help get the Back to Basics Forum going.  She is passionate about helping homeschoolers – especially those with high school students.  Here is more information about her workshops:

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Brooke McClure – B2B Founder!

Several years ago Brooke McClure was sitting with friends at dinner talking about the needs of the homeschooling community.  She decided to do something about it and started with her Freedom in Education Conferences.  These eventually evolved into the Back to Basics Forums which focused on community education.  Her passion for education is evident in her life in all she does.  She currently shares her life in her blog: www.iambrooklynn.net.  Take a look at her articles on homeschooling, “wholistic” health, and healthy eating.  

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Douglas Gibbs – The Constitution Man!

The passion Douglas Gibbs has for United States history is evident in his life’s work.  He teaches classes on the Constitution, has written four books, is an award-winning blogger on his site Political Pistachio, is president of the Constitution Association, and so much more!  You can check out his many other accomplishments on his website HERE.  As homeschoolers, it is vitally important for us to know our history, first, in order to share it with our children and, second, in order to protect our freedoms.  Doug is an amazing speaker who is passionate about his topic.  His workshop is not to be missed!

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Celebrate Education with Heather Martinson!

Heather Martinson established Celebration Education in 2006 and has been sharing how to make education an adventure ever since!  Check out her “About” page and learn about the different myths about education.  You will find Minecraft classes and Theme Park Programs that look amazing, plus so much more!  She definitely is all about making learning an adventure and she has 12 years of experience doing it!  If you want to learn how to incorporate some of this type of adventure into your homeschool, be sure to attend her workshop. 

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Leslie Berger – Homeschool Pro!

Leslie Berger is a homeschool veteran.  She has graduated her oldest, who is successfully navigating college life, and has two more still at home.  She is also currently the chairman for her homeschool group and a teacher for a charter school.

If you are new to homeschooling check out her Homeschooling 101 workshop on February 24th at our Transformational Education Conference.  

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Laena West – Field-trip Explorer

She knows how to have fun while learning and exploring!  Laena West can tell you all how to transform your homeschooling and create memories for your family.  As a 2nd generation homeschooler, she has some additional insights into this crazy journey we are all on!  And she has created a wonderful tool to help you get the most out of your adventures – Field Trip Journals.  Check out her website HERE.  

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Meet Leah Hone!

Leah Hone, the owner of Foundations Academy, is an amazing woman.  She homeschools her four kids, runs Lego history classes and Latin Classes through her business, is the Parent Representative and a mentor for her Liber Community (homeschool group), all while taking college classes herself!  She knows the homeschooler’s journey, and she would like to encourage … Read more