Are you DONE with Dieting?????? By Jen

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Jen has asked us to share this article with you today …


Are you DONE with Dieting??????

Honestly I was so over it about 4 years ago. Ya do I have extra weight on my body.. Yes I haven’t gotten the baby weight off.

But this is the deal.. I’m going to be as up front and real as I know how… I was obsessed!!! Obsessed with health food, with the new fad, with what people told me I should look like. I was stuck in the thinking that if I didn’t exercise or do x,y, and z then I couldn’t love myself or my body. I didn’t even KNOW I was obsessed! That was the Crappiest part…. In my opinion. I was on obsessed autopilot. I’m serious… I would do a juice detox for two weeks. Or I would feel like crap every time I ate out with my family and then be in my old pattern belief that I cant be happy if I just ate some cake.

I was also finding that my “obsession” with health was actually keeping me from people. I was dis-connecting from friends and family because of their beliefs around food, lifestyle choices, etc..

I started waking up drastically over a year ago.
What I really wanted was to be happy! I just wanted to be happy… I was so scared that if I was “sinning’ i.e. eating processed food, not exercising, then I wasn’t allowed to be happy.. Some serious beliefs I was carrying around and still catch myself thinking.

The kicker is as I have been involved for the past year day in and day out exposed to other women and men with their beliefs. As I was observing, hearing their words, watching their interactions, seeing how they were relating to people and themselves I was getting more sad about the truth of what is happening in the world. I have sat in my house day after day(now you have an image lol), thinking, praying, pondering, working to figure out ways to help bring this deep conditioned belief system to light in a loving and kind way…

That is 8,765.82 hours I have been consumed in this work. That God has put on my spirit. That is 1 year and isn’t counting the last 14 years I have worked with 1000’s of clients in my practices who have been dealing with Cancer, depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic pain, diseases….

This is the thing….. We don’t know what we don’t know. I have been working on bringing those things that are in the dark to light.

God has helped programs, support systems, and understandings come to the fore front to bring us to an integrated and more happy life.

Honestly I get exhausted. But this spark of something that I agreed to before this life is in me that keeps me going. I know you know the sparks.. You have them.  They help you wake up in the morning. That spark for me is 1 million women strong by the year 2020. I’m learning what that means for all women but I’m realizing that first woman strong is me.


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