A Job Worth Doing, is Worth Doing Well…Or is it? by Brooke McClure

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Brooke has asked us to share this article with you today …

A Job Worth Doing, is Worth Doing Well… Or is it?

As the old adage goes,

A job worth doing, is worth doing well!

Although I do believe that statement, all too often when people recite that aphorism to themselves, their subconscious translates it to:

A job worth doing, it worth doing perfectly! 
If it can’t be done perfectly, it’s not worth doing at all!

 Such a mistranslation in our minds can actually turn a virtue into a vice.

Now, don’t start jumping all over my back and saying I’m un-doctrinal and such.  I am perfectly aware of Matthew 5:48 in which Christ commands His followers, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” No, I’m not saying that perfection is bad or wrong.  On the contrary, perfection is a wonderful and  worthy goal to strive for.

What I am saying, is that if the ideal of perfection is actually stopping you from starting on the path you should be on, forget perfection for a while and just get on the path!

My motto, although not as trite as the first noted adage above, is,

A job worth doing, is worth doing mediocre at first,
if it gets you on the path toward excellence and perfection. 

Perfection is a process.  First, start the process…even if it is started on an imperfect footing…and eventually you will become perfect.  Perfection may not even be realized in this life, but it will eventually be yours if you are consistent and persistent!

In the end, your efforts, as imperfect as they are, will have been better than having done nothing at all because you were too afraid to start the process.

This principle can apply to all areas of our life.

For example, surrounding the topic of homeschooling, my ears are frequently permeated with the statement,

I could never homeschool!

To that I respond,

Really?  You could never homechool?  Or, are you simply afraid that you could not do a perfect job of it right out of the gate?  Do you lack the faith to start on the path doing a so-so or mediocre job for a while knowing that you can and you will improve as time goes on? Do you lack the faith that as you acquire teaching, mentoring, and guidance from other resources, and as you add the invaluable instrument of experience to your tool chest you will quickly move from mediocre to standard to exceptional and possibly on to perfection?

Are you honestly adhering to the adage,

A job worth doing, is worth doing well?

Or are you subconsciously falling into the perfection trap of, A job worth doing, is worth doing perfectly!  If it can’t be done perfectly, it’s not worth doing at all!

If you’re even reading this, it probably indicates that you have considered homeschooling in the past.  Which would also indicate that your child’s current teacher is not perfect.

So, what is it that is holding you back from becoming your own child’s imperfect teacher?

Become consciously aware of your inner self-talk and what thoughts are truly circulating in your mind.

Be honest with yourself.

Is there something in your life you know you should be doing, but you are allowing the perfection trap – either on a conscious or subconscious level – to hold you back?

If so, I challenge you TODAY, to take one small mediocre step onto the path of Just in case you are needing permission, I hereby give you permission to not be Embrace your mediocrity and just get started on the path to being exceptional.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even achieve perfection along the way!

To find more from Brook, head on over to her website: www.homeschoolingandme.org

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