86,400 Opportunities by Tyler Mason

TylerMasonPicAs we move closer to the Back to Basics Forum, we will be featuring articles and videos written by our speakers.  Tyler Mason will be presenting to our Youth as well as in our Relationships Track.  Click HERE to see descriptions of his workshops.

It is man’s most valuable resource

It is unlimited but everyone receives in equal measure

It cannot be saved but it can be wasted, killed, or invested

It is spent the moment it is received

It is time.

Time mismanagement is among the greatest disasters in human history. It is something that I find myself continually struggling with because life wants to rip us apart by tugging in an infinite number of directions. There are familial needs, social wants, economic pressures, service opportunities, civic responsibilities, etcetera.

So what can we do to take back control over our time? This is a concept that I wrestle with myself constantly. Everything just seems so important, how can it wait? I recently read an article from Time magazine which highlights Cal Newport’s upcoming book Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World; this article briefly summarized what Cal calls deep work versus shallow work. To some this may sound incredibly boring but it really resonated with me.

Shallow work is what most of us fill our time with. It is the continuous stream of social media, texting, e-mailing, ‘busy work’ that makes us feel like we are being productive. Deep work on the other hand is the work that actually moves us forward toward accomplishment. The crazy thing in Cal’s findings is that the deep work, though more strenuous, is the work that is more fulfilling.

So when you are faced with the onslaught of decisions as to how to spend your 24 hours every day just run them through the “accomplishment” filter. What will actually result in a positive investment of the time that it will take to complete the project?

Always remember that it does not matter your race, age, social, or economic standing; everyone gets the same 86,400 seconds in a day. Use them wisely or they will bury you.

To find more about Tyler, head on over to his website: HotRodToroise.com

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